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Joyner Lucas & J. Cole Warn Us About Playing Women In “Your Heart”

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Your Heart

Joyner Lucas & J. Cole

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Why do I feel like we all wanted a Joyner Lucas and J. Cole collaboration but were too scared to ask for one?

If you really think about it, Joyner Lucas and J. Cole have so much in common. Not only are they both light-skinned muthasuckas, but they are also dope-ass MCs that don’t mind talking about some deep s**t in their music. Today, a collaboration single between Lucas and Cole called “Your Heart” hit streaming services, and as expected, the two rappers talk about saving folks in the track.



“Your Heart” is about the consequences that come with trying to play someone that you love. One of the main reasons I f**k with the track is because it features aggressive raps, gentle melodies, and words that you would want your mans to tell you after you told them that you got into a fight with your chick. In a world where we take s**t for granted, I think folks need to hear this song.

Listen to “Your Heart” below.

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