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ooh la la (Remix)

Run The Jewels (Ft. Greg Nice, DJ Premier & Lil Wayne)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Lil Wayne was put on this earth to kill beats like the one that powers “ooh la la.”

We have gotten a bunch of Lil Wayne verses in 2021. I’ve heard him on albums by jits, old heads, and even Ninjas. Today, a remix to Run The Jewels’ “ooh la la” hit that features the New Orleans legend has hit streaming services.



Lil Wayne doesn’t blackout on this remix, but he does almost lose his consciousness. Over the piano-heavy DJ Premier beat, he raps using a myriad of flows, accents, and aggression levels. He also hits us with punchlines that I highly recommend that you read on paper (Bruh, I almost lost my mind when he said, “kill a mic like El-P and Killer Mike, feeling like DJ Premier, it’s my world premiere tonight, feeling right Hair-trigger softer than a pillow fight, no computer but this MAC got more shots than gigabytes”).

Wayne is still a top-notch rapper.

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