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Listen To “RTJ4” By Run The Jewels

RTJ4 (Album)

Run The Jewels

RTJ4 came out at a time in which we really needed the album (This post includes the deluxe version of the album).

You gotta love how Run The Jewels straddle the line between ferocious and conscious in their music. Not only do their bars hit harder than Mike Tyson, but they also tackle topics that a bunch of rappers is scared to even think about. In RTJ4, the duo does what they do best but at a damn-there legendary level.



RTJ4 is an unbelievable body of work. It features earth-shattering beats, bars that are delivered phenomenally, and most importantly, lyrics that are uplifting, rebellious, trill, unapologetic, brash, inspirational, and carefree.

The deluxe version of RTJ4 features a bunch of instrumentals, a remix to the blazing hot “ooh la la” that features Lil Wayne, and a bonus track called “Cyberpunk 2077.”

Listen to RTJ4 (deluxe edition) below!


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