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24kGoldn & Lil Tecca Show Off Their Expensive Tastes In “Prada”

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24Goldn (Ft. Lil Tecca)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

24KGoldn and Lil Tecca would look like nerds in every high school era (Sorry, I just had to say that… Nerds are cool these days, though).

24KGoldn and Lil Tecca move the needle for today’s jits. I know that you Nas lovers want to dismiss them, but you need to face it, they are both doing their thing. Today, the two teenagers (Yes, even 20-year-olds are considered teenagers) decided to drop their highly-anticipated collaboration single called “Prada.”



Can you guess what “Prada” is about? If your answer is timeshares, you are wrong. “Prada” is all about spending money and hanging out with fine-ass girls that are down to spend your money. While I can’t quite relate to the song for various reasons (B*tch, I don’t rock Prada, I rock Target), I do admit, it’s adorable, catchy, infectious, bouncy, and refreshingly colorful.

Both 24kGoldn and Lil Tecca are growing on me.

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