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Agito Maruyama Electrifies With “In My Dreams” Featuring Coco Valentine

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In My Dreams

Agito Maruyama & Coco Valentine

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“In My Dreams” is a track that will get your heart pumping and your feet moving.

Agito Maruyama is a musician, composer, and producer that is currently living in Japan. What I love about him is that he doesn’t limit herself to just one music genre; he enjoys rock, jazz fusion, techno, and noise. In 2021, so far, Agito released a single with Elle B called “Go With It,” a single with Erin Ezekiel called “Gets Me High,” and an EP called Epilogue. Agito’s latest single is the thrilling “In My Dreams.”

As soon as you press play on “In My Dreams,” you are gifted with an instrumental that boasts futuristic vibes, a nice tempo, and just enough thumps to make your speakers feel slightly intimidated. Additionally, the song features a performance by Coco Valentine that is powered by intoxicating vocals and memorable melodies. Lyrics like “you were in my dreams/now you’re here standing in front of me” and “tonight, I don’t have to fall asleep to feel you next to me” keep the song feeling bubbly, heartwarming, and lively. If you are interested in listening to a mood-boosting tune, press play on “In My Dreams” below!

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