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Ed Sheeran – = (Album Review)

Ed Sheeran stays in his lane in “=,” but man is he good at what he does.


TOP 5 

5. First Times

A simple melody for the person you shared all your firsts with.  

Honestly, “First Times” is the epitome of a cute love song. Am I surprised by this? No. Cute love songs are what Ed Sheeran is known for and he shows off just how good he is at creating them with this simple but poignant track. 



4. Be Right Now

An upbeat number to remind you of the importance of right now. 

Despite its upbeat melody, “Be Right Now” carries melancholy undertones when you listen to its lyrics. Ed Sheeran creates a beautiful mix of emotions to create a desperately hopeful track. 



3. Collide

A tried and true formula for a love song that Sheeran knows how to perform perfectly. 

In =, Ed Sheeran stays true to the classic blueprint for not just album structure, but songs as well; “Collide” is a great example of this. With that being said, Sheeran manages to shine by blessing us with sugary sweet lyrics combined with vocals that are taylor-made for love songs.



2. Shivers

“Shivers” is a classic Ed Sheeran bop.  

“Shivers” truly feels like the essence of a true Ed Sheeran bop. From the upbeat yet simple melody to the lyrics that you could drunkenly sing to a lover, you know that this is meant to be a hit on the radio and at parties. 



1. The Joker and The Queen 

Ed Sheeran will always have a talent for creating sweet love songs. 

This is probably the most unique song on the album, which automatically puts it in the top spot for me. The melody is reminiscent of classical music, creating the illusion of dancing at a ball. I love seeing this hint of creativity in Sheeran’s music.


1. Tides (3/5)

2. Shivers (4/5)

3. First Times (4/5)

4. Bad Habits (3/5)

5. Overpass Graffiti (3/5)

6. The Joker and The Queen (4/5)

7. Leave Your Life (3/5)

8. Collide (4/5)

9. 2step (3/5)

10. Stop The Rain (3/5)

11. Love In Slow Motion (3/5)

12. Visiting Hours (3/5)

13. Sandman (3/5)

14. Be Right Now (4/5)




Ed Sheeran starts his newest album with “Tides,” a song all about how much he has changed. However, this album doesn’t seem to hold anything new for his audience. Now, that’s not to say = or any of its songs are bad, it is just a little predictable. From the melodies to the lyrics, it’s clear that Ed Sheeran has found his lane and is content with staying in it. That is something to say for an artist who has created such a specific sound that it is easy for anyone to recognize. But there is a danger in staying in your lane, too. The balance between building your niche and becoming boring can be tricky and I would say for this album, Ed Sheeran may have tipped into the realm of boring.

I would love to hear Ed get creative with his music and explore the potential he holds when he makes music. So while I did enjoy =, I hope we get to see a new side to Ed Sheeran in his next album.

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