Summer Walker tries to heal a bunch of wounds in “Still Over It.”




5. 4th Baby Mama

Four baby mamas is excessive, right? (Nick Cannon thinks otherwise)

Summer Walker starts this song off by saying this: “I want to start with your mama: She should’ve whooped your ass.” That line summarizes how dark this diss record is.

Summer Walker sounds so damn cold in “4th Baby Mama.” She doesn’t bring out any fancy vocals or anything, just a tone that solidifies how over she is with her dangerously horny/disloyal/disrespectful ex.

Am I sick for thinking that Summer sounds more attractive when she is being pessimistic?


4. Toxic

In “Toxic,” Summer Walker hooks up with someone that knows a thing or two about toxicity: Lil Durk!

“Toxic” is catchy as hell, features somewhat uplifting vibes, and effectively portrays the feelings that come with being in love with someone that you probably need to unsubscribe from. Though the song covers a topic that might feel painfully relatable to you, it is also one of the tracks on the album that actually feels positive.

Lil Durk’s versatility is put on full display in “Toxic.” For him to adapt to a smooth R&B jam like this is hella impressive (Remember, this dude used to be a poster boy for the trenches).

3. Unloyal

Interestingly, I wouldn’t mind hearing this juicy-ass track performed live.

“Unloyal” feels organic in every single way. For starters, the song features this vivacious instrumental that gives me live band feels. Over it, Summer Walker and Ari Lennox both hold nothing back when it comes to calling out men that they feel have pushed more buttons than a two-year-old that was given a Blackberry to play with. More than anything, the spiciness and pure flair that Ari and Summer sing with in this song is its biggest sale.



2. Bitter

Summer Walker attacks exes, jumpoffs, The Shaderoom, and vaccine mandates in “Bitter.”

Though some will view “Bitter,” this album’s intro, as a scathing diss record, I view it more as a track to let folks know that Summer is back and pettier than ever! I also think that it is a track that perfectly displays how Summer’s boiling blood carries tracks.



1. No Love

SZA and Summer Walker are cut from the same battered cloth. In “No Love,” the two singers get loose off a bottle of recklessness.

“No Love” is every male playas nightmare. Throughout the song, Summer Walker and SZA sing freely about switching their mindset from sensitive to demonic in their ongoing relationships. If I were to guess, both singers downed a bottle of Hennessy and ate three serving sizes of Cheetos before making the song.

There’s nothing scarier/sexier than a woman getting her groove back.


1. Bitter – Narration By Cardi B (5/5)

2. Ex For A Reason (3/5)

3. No Love (5/5)

4. Throw It Away (4/5)

5. Reciprocate (5/5)

6. You Don’t Know Me (3/5)

7. Circus (5/5)

8. Insane (5/5)

9. Constant Bullshit (4/5)

10. Switch A Nigga Out (4/5)

11. Unloyal (5/5)

12. Closure (4/5)

13. Toxic (5/5)

14. Dat Right There (3/5)

15. Screwin (4/5)

16. Broken Promises (4/5)

17. Session 33 (4/5)

18. 4th Baby Mama – Prelude (N/A)

19. 4th Baby Mama (5/5)

20. Ciara’s Prayer (N/A)




Summer Walker really says the first thing that comes to her mind in her music. She’s the female Marshawn Lynch, y’all (She’s just petty so she won’t get fined).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Summer Walker is my favorite woman singer right now. I don’t think that she makes the greatest music, but I do think that she makes very genuine music. In Still Over It, Summer talks about getting payback on her European-named ex, about dealing with dusty-ass dudes that have done her wrong, and about finding ways to love herself more. While listening to the album, you will find yourself engulfed in every word that she spews out, and I think that is mainly because her words feel like they came out of a personal diary that wasn’t meant to be broadcast to the world.

Still Over It doesn’t have traditional R&B hits, but I do think that it features a few tracks that will fit nicely on your “I just broke up with my ex” playlist. One thing that Summer does really well on this album is sing dynamically over instrumentals that she can easily have on a leash. She also does an outstanding job at getting very lost in songs, almost sounding like she’s trying to figure her way out of a maze in them. My recommendation to you is to press play on this album and let it take your emotions wherever it choose to go.

I love seeing Summer Walker collaborate with various artists. In Still Over It, she links up with Ari Lennox, SZA, Lil Durk, JT from City Girls, and Pharrell. In my very humble opinion, every single person that I just mentioned absolutely shines on the songs that they were assigned to. That surprised me a little, mainly because I feel like Summer had a very personal mission on this album. I guess there is a bunch of Summers walking around in this world.

I know, listening to someone complain about their relationship over and over again on an album makes you roll your eyes, but when it’s authentically done, I think that it should be accepted with open arms. To me, there’s nothing phony about Summer’s passion, her feelings, or her demeanor throughout Still Over It. That alone makes the album a must-listen.

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