Adele should put a warning label on this album to let people know the emotional rollercoaster ride that they are about to go on. 




5. Easy On Me

This song already has over 200 million listens on Spotify. I am responsible for like half of them. 

When Adele dropped this song as a preview for the album, it felt like the world had a unanimous breakdown. Everyone I knew was posting on Instagram about how the song was in no way going easy on them. “Easy On Me” has been topping charts for weeks now and there is a reason for that: It is perfect. 



4. Oh My God 

Did Adele make a perfect rebound song? 

I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. Honestly, the song is a great mix of emotional and pure feel-good vibes. All Adele wants is to have fun, and that’s all you will have listening to this track. 



3. Cry Your Heart Out 

Adele said, “we are dealing with and feeling all of her emotions today.” 

The chorus builds a mantra for how to deal with the bad days: “Cry your heart out, clean your face, go at your own pace.” “Cry Your Heart Out” is an upbeat self-care guide for the days when you are just feeling down. 



2. My Little Love

A beautiful conversation between Adele and her son. 

The conversations between Adele and her son mixed with the beautifully repetitive chorus creates a heart-wrenching song about what kids go through in a divorce. The production attached to this song is built to tug on every one of your heartstrings. 



1. To Be Loved

Did I tear up on the first listen of this song? Yes. Yes, I did. 

Adele pours her heart into this masterpiece about self-love and self-awareness. You will feel every ounce of emotion she brings to the creation of “To Be Loved.” The pain and the strength are heard in every note and every voice crack. 


1. Strangers By Nature (5/5)

2. Easy On Me (5/5)

3. My Little Love (5/5)

4. Cry Your Heart Out (5/5)

5. Oh My God (5/5)

6. Can I Get It (5/5)

7. I Drink Wine (5/5)

8. All Night Parking (with Erroll Garner) Interlude (5/5)

9. Woman Like Me (5/5)

10. Hold On (5/5)

11. To Be Loved (5/5)

12. Love Is A Game (5/5)




If you’ve never been through a divorce or a major breakup, or haven’t been through one in a while, you will feel like you’re going through one listening to this album. Adele constructed an emotional rollercoaster ride with this album. 30 will have you going from dancing to tearing up from song to song.

I love that we are starting to get 6+ minute songs; not just from Adele, but artists in general. Adele’s use of 6+ minute songs doesn’t feel dragged out or boring; each song feels like it has intention and purpose. The production of the album is classic Adele (Which is beautiful production). The last three songs being put back-to-back almost feels illegal with how well they complement each other. Every part of this album feels deliberate. Whether you are one of Adele’s biggest fans or not, 30 is well worth the listen.

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