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Jay Zayat Doesn’t Hold Back with “Face It”

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Face It

Jay Zayat

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An infectious sun-kissed single that’s the perfect medicine for chilly winter weather.

Melbourne, Australia-based musical creative, Jay Zayat, is a multifaceted alternative hip-hop artist that is ready to show off his versatility. Jay Zayat debuted in early 2020 and has since produced well-received singles like “Rich” and “Shame.” As he continues to gain recognition on the new wave rap scene, Jay Zayat hopes to make a bigger name for himself in the music world. His latest and final release of the year is the hip-hop fusion single “Face It.”

Jay Zayat makes sure to close out his year with a bang, finishing on a high with the upbeat “Face It.” The track starts out with warm instrumentals that lead to energetic vocals, a perfect combination that will have you craving for warm summer days. Lyrics like, “All the people hating now they got nothing to say. Yeah, fuck the opposition, coz’ I’m winning every day, yeah,” show off Jay Zayat’s wit mixed nicely with his unapologetic message. “Face It” is the perfect upbeat anthem about coming out on top.

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