Roddy Ricch takes us on a very exciting ride in “LIVE LIFE FAST.”




Honorable Mention. rollercoastin

“rollercoastin” might just be the most unique track on this project.

“rollercoastin” features a Rod Wave-Esque hook, a gentle beat with a helluva tempo, zany flows, porno-inspired lyrics, both low and high-pitched vocals, and vibes that make me feel like I’m in church. I think this song is one of the hidden gems from this album.



Honorable Mention. crash the party

Roddy Ricch sounds like Young Thug’s rogue preacher in “crash the party.”

I love how Roddy sticks his chest out in “crash the party.” Throughout the track, he dismisses his haters, challenges his competition, and woos glorified bucket heads. Though he talks his s**t for most of the song, I like how he talks about his humble come-up at the end (Especially his suicidal thoughts).



5. late at night

Roddy Ricch and DJ Mustard are undefeated when they link up.

“Late At Night” is yet another smooth banger constructed by Roddy Ricch and DJ Mustard. For those of you that are new to Roddy and Mustard collaborations, here’s why I think this particular song is a must-listen: It features vibes that are pleasant as f**k (Everybody needs pleasant vibes in their lives), melodies that are way too infectious to ignore, and lyrics that are both braggadocios and hood romantic. If you are a music video lover, just to let you know, the visuals to the song are pretty dope, too.



4. no way

You can’t tell s**t to the version of Roddy Ricch that you hear in “no way.”

When Roddy is extremely disrespectful, reckless, a bully, sly, and toxic in a song, I think that he is at his best. In “no way,” I feel like he shows you every characteristic that I just mentioned. Roddy also slides like a car that just drove over some black ice over the hypnotizing beat that powers the song.

Do you know what’s funny? Once I heard the beat that powers “no way,” I assumed we would hear a Jamie Foxx verse. I feel like these were the type of beats that Jamie was killing when he was making albums.

3. moved to miami

Roddy Ricch and Lil Baby let us know that they decided to take their talents to South Beach in “moved to miami.”

It takes a long-ass time for “moved to miami” to get started. Once it does, s**t gets lit! In the song, Roddy and Baby spit bars about their violent, trill, hustlin, and extravagant ways using a feverish style of rapping. As good as their verses are, I think the dramatic, piano-driven beat is what makes the song next-level good.



2. 25 million

Roddy Ricch gives us a glimpse into his world in “25 million.”

If MTV Cribs was a song, it would be “25 million.” In the song, Roddy Ricch lets us know how he likes his massages, how important money is to him, what cars he likes to drive, and how he moves in the streets. Since the LA rapper tends to move like an anti-social dude when he’s not rapping, it’s fascinating to hear him detail his world to us in such a vivid manner.

I love how the beat that powers “25 million” straddles the line between smooth and hard-hitting. I also love how Roddy straddles the line between subdued and turnt up in the song.



1. thailand

Not originally putting “thailand” in the top 5 was such a bad idea.

I just feel like Roddy is in his bag in “thailand.” I wouldn’t be surprised if he took 500 grams of CBD before making the song because he sounds so f**king unbothered in it. The song also features one of the best hooks on the album and a beat that will make you nod your head ferociously. The dramatic violin ending to the song only adds to its legend.


1. llf (N/A)

2. thailand (5/5)

3. all good (3/5)

4. rollercoastin (5/5)

5. hibachi (3/5)

6. paid my dues (4/5)

7. crash the party (4/5)

8. no way (5/5)

9. slow it down (N/A)

10. man made (4/5)

11. murda one (3/5)

12. everything you need (3/5)

13. moved to miami (4/5)

14. don’t i (4/5)

15. bibi’s interlude (N/A)

16. more than a trend (3/5)

17. late night (5/5)

18. 25 million (5/5)




Roddy Ricch is a Grammy-award-winning rapper, someone who moves units, and someone that has a bunch of certified hits under his belt. The crazy thing is that he is only 23-years-old. With that being said, I think we all need to hold Roddy to high standards. If anyone else made Live Life Fast, I would be hella impressed. I do feel like Roddy could do a little better than Live Life Fast

So, now that I consider Roddy to be an A-list musician, what I try to do is search for tracks in which I think he puts up SPECIAL performances. In Live Life Fast, the tracks that I think are special are “rollercoastin,” “no way,” “late at night,” and “crash the party.” In those particular tracks, I think he reaches a level that only he and maybe two or three other artists could reach. The other tracks on the album aren’t bad at all, I just feel like they sound a little like plug-n-play type tracks. For example, I feel like you can plug other rappers into “hibachi” (“hibachi” actually sounds like “Tunnel Vision”), “murda one,” “moved to miami,” and “don’t i.” The good news is this: Roddy puts up outstanding performances in every track on this album, so no need to worry, he will impress you if you aren’t a nitpicker like me.

If I was a winning rapper, I would talk my s**t the way Roddy does. Throughout Live Life Fast, I love how he comes across as a low-key guy that gets just as many chicks, has as many guns, and makes as much money as everyone else in the game. Aside from his s**t-talking, I also like how Roddy switches gears effortlessly while riding beats fearlessly. Musically, he’s the equivalent of a driver that can weave through traffic while switching between 45 and 95 miles per hour.

Roddy is talented as hell, to me. While I don’t think that he lives up to his amazing potential in Live Life Fast, he does do just enough to prove that he is lapping his field.

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7 thoughts on “Roddy Ricch – LIVE LIFE FAST (Album Review)

  1. I strongly agree with you. This album was a huge step down from his last album. He did a lot more rapping on his album, so I appreciate his switch up. Honestly, I prefer Roddy as a singer than an actual rapper.

    1. Someone finally agrees with me 🥲.

      That’s a great point, he does do a lot more rapping on this project. I also like him more as a singer, but his rap verses were hot. He’s just special when he sings, so I definitely feel you.

      Thanks for reading 🙏

  2. thanks for the awesome review homie, rollercoasting was dope glad someone agrees all of my friends said it sucked lol

  3. i really enjoyed this album. roddy is evolving and finding his own lane which, in a way, is an improvement from his last album. although i liked please excuse me better, this album isn’t that far below it and had plenty of bangers which made it worth the wait. i don’t think live life fast will have hits like the box and high fashion, but i do think this album will pave the way for more future bangers.

    fav tracks: thailand, all good,

    1. ^didnt mean to post lol

      fav tracks: thailand, all good, paid my dues, murda one, moved to miami, don’t i, late at night, 25 million

      least fav: don’t really have one, but if i had to choose i’d pick more than a trend only because it’s super short

      album rating: 8.5/10

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