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Stop Breathing

Roddy Ricch

Roddy, stay in this exact bag for the rest of your life, please!

A lot has been made about Roddy Ricch’s last album, Live Life Fast. What the streets are saying is that the version of Roddy that you get on the project isn’t what they want to hear. Since its release, Roddy has mentioned numerous times that he wants to return to his old self. “Stop Breathing,” his latest release, features the old Roddy.

Clocking in at only 1:50, “Stop Breathing” is a masterpiece by Roddy Ricch. The song features the crafty, cocky, and melodic Roddy that we’ve all come to love. Do you know the funny thing? I actually hate the beat that he does his work over, similar to how I kind of hate the “Big Stepper” beat.

Listen to “Stop Breathing” by Roddy Ricch below.

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