Fish Scale

NBA YoungBoy

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Welp, it looks like Utah hasn’t changed NBA YoungBoy.

It’s NBA YoungBoy season! How do I know that? It’s cold as hell outside. I also know that because NBA announced to the world earlier this week that he will be dropping a new mixtape really soon. In the meantime, the Lousiana rapper decided to release the murderous “Fish Scale” yesterday.


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“Fish Scale” will give you the energy boost that you need. For starters, the song features a hard-hitting beat that boasts these eery vibes. Over it, NBA YoungBoy hits us with gritty rap deliveries and a few gentle melodies here and there. He also hits us with lyrics that highlight his killer, drug-dealing, and rich ways. Honestly, I think this track is pretty solid, even though my new year’s resolution was to leave toxic behind.

Give “Fish Scale” a shot below.