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NBA YoungBoy Goes Off In “Fish Scale”

Fish Scale

NBA YoungBoy

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Welp, it looks like Utah hasn’t changed NBA YoungBoy.

It’s NBA YoungBoy season! How do I know that? It’s cold as hell outside. I also know that because NBA announced to the world earlier this week that he will be dropping a new mixtape really soon. In the meantime, the Lousiana rapper decided to release the murderous “Fish Scale” yesterday.



“Fish Scale” will give you the energy boost that you need. For starters, the song features a hard-hitting beat that boasts these eery vibes. Over it, NBA YoungBoy hits us with gritty rap deliveries and a few gentle melodies here and there. He also hits us with lyrics that highlight his killer, drug-dealing, and rich ways. Honestly, I think this track is pretty solid, even though my new year’s resolution was to leave toxic behind.

Give “Fish Scale” a shot below.

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