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DaBaby Tries To Redeem Himself With “Couple Cubes Of Ice”

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Couple Cubes Of Ice


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Folks didn’t like “Sneaky Link Anthem” all that much…

The other day, we put up a Twitter poll asking whether or not DaBaby would make a major comeback in 2022. Unfortunately, over 90% of the people said “no.” While making his music resonate with folks is something that will be very hard for him to do, what I do know DaBaby can and will do is keep his foot on the gas regardless of what people think about him. With that being said, the North Carolina rapper decided to release “Couple Cubes Of Ice” today, a track that hit streaming services two days after his borderline atrocious “Sneaky Link Anthem” track dropped.


“Couple Cubes Of Ice” features a booming island beat, a very infectious hook, and competitive/gritty rap verses (It’s not a very romantic song at all). While I can see true fans of DaBaby having an issue with the direction of the song, I personally think that it showcases his willingness to experiment and jam his distinctive flows into any kind of scenario.

Go ahead and give “Couple Cubes Of Ice” a shot below.

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