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Landon Sears Lets His Feelings Out In “Against Me”

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Against Me

Landon Sears

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A mesmerizing hip-hop single with a feel-good sound and wonderfully reflective lyrics.

Nashville, Tennessee-based musical creative, Landon Sears, is a hip-hop/R&B artist. His works are just the right combination of upbeat and smooth with a touch of haunting in his chord choices. Over the years, Sears has been able to create this signature sound thanks to his versatile talents; these include his multi-instrumentalist skills and his work as a producer. As a result, his debut in the music world has created plenty of buzz. His most popular songs include “Sweet,” in which he was a featured artist, and “Blueberry Cadillac.” Both songs brag millions of shares on Spotify. Landon Sears’s latest drop is the hip-hop single “Against Me,” featuring musical talent Claire Maisto. A music video also accompanies the new release.

With a backdrop of mellow R&B and chilling vocals, “Against Me” reflects on relationship woes and feelings of being unappreciated. Accompanied by smooth sax and mood-setting finger snaps, we also get melodic vocals from Claire Maisto, who shares her side of the story. Lyrics like “Why you gotta do me so wrong, it’s never good enough, it’s never ever what you want” and “I’m gonna do what I want, at the end of the day, don’t forget that I do things for you too” explore the artist’s feelings towards his partner while hitting the right places in one’s mind. These infectious beats and relatable, touching reflections are exactly what makes Landon Sears’s “Against Me” so ideal. This is one single you’ll be adding to your “favorites” playlist.

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