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Hunter Falls Dazzles With The Electric “Stay the Night”

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Stay the Night

Hunter Falls

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A catchy pop single with nostalgic 80s vibes.

Belgium-based singer/songwriter, Hunter Falls, is a talented pop artist who likes to incorporate his own cultural influences into his music in order to “challenge the boundaries of existing genres,” as his website states. Since his 2016 debut, he’s gone on to release memorable songs like the reflective track “All I Never Wanted.” Additionally, he’s released singles such as “Fame” and “Ain’t No Love.” Falls’s latest drop is another carefully crafted pop offering, a melodic single titled “Stay the Night.” An anime lyric video accompanies the new release.

With plenty of addictive elements, “Stay the Night” combines catchy pop with electric 80s vibes. However, it also creates an emotionally touching reflection that you won’t be allowed to forget. Lyrics like “Only you can bring the light that saves the day” and “You show me love and take the pain I feel away” turn this infectious pop tune into a passionately fueled love song. Undoubtedly, it will tug at your heart. Along with its ear-pleasing tones, “Stay the Night” is a beautiful addition to his impressive collection. Press play and let Hunter Falls’s “Stay the Night” warm your heart.

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