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Xtormy's Oceans song cover



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A mourning tribute in a modern song.

Xtormy is a singer/songwriter, based in Chicago, who has shown great talent with his track releases and productions. He has performed with singers like Chi-Lites, Thea Austin, Debbie Allen, and the Grammy award-winning Malik Yousef. His biggest influences range from Beyonce and Michael Jackson over to gospel singers like Darryl Coley and Fred Hammond. Through his collaborations and inspirations, Xtormy has found his voice in music, as shown on his Spotify, Instagram, and Twitter. He enjoys dreamy pop sounds mixed with upbeat rap. Last year, he released his first EP, “Egoism,” with these features. Additionally, this album is a cross-genre with the collaboration of other artists, such as Stevvon Valentíno, Tokyo BLAZE, and Ebonie Taylor. Recently, Xtormy dropped his latest single “Oceans.”

In this new single, Xtormy pays a beautiful tribute to his grandma. The song starts with a slow melody that sets the tone for touching music. Through the lyrics, we can feel how meaningful his grandmother was to him. With verses like: “I swear you were an angel / you deserve an anthem / I just wanna thank you from my heart,” we can see how much he respected and loved his family matron. It is a gift for him to share this musical love with us, so go ahead and dive into Xtormy’s “Oceans” of love and respect.



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