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Russ Toots His Own Horn In “HANDSOMER”

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‘HANDSOMER’ doesn’t sound like a real word, but I guess it is (Webster must’ve been drunk the day he created that word)…

I legit love the pocket that Russ is in right now. Now that he has proven to the world that he can rap his ass off, make a hit record, and sing with the best of them, I feel like he’s been simply having fun on the mic. Today, the Atlanta-based rapper decided to release “HANDSOMER,” a playful track that features bars that OT Genasis would be jealous of.

Russ may have more women, money, property, stamps, and hits than me, but I think I can hold my own with him in the handsome department (I don’t have a man bun like him, but I do have wonderful eyelashes). Anywho, in “HANDSOMER,” Russ makes his case why he should be sought after by women worldwide, and as expected, his case revolves around having money. While he sounds pretty laidback for most of the track, when it’s all said and done, he accomplishes the main thing he was trying to accomplish: To piss us off.

At this point, porn stars are the only ones cockier than Russ (Pause).

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