Ikea Rugs

Lil Durk

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

IKEA also has some really good pizza.

If you have an Instagram account and you like sports, more than likely you know who Chris Brickley is. If you don’t know him, let me give you a brief summary: He’s the white guy that hosts a lot of NBA players and celebrities at his basketball gym. Soon, Chris will release a brand new album. The first single off it is “Ikea Rug.”

Lil Durk does not tone down his demon talk for Chris Brickley in “Ikea Rug.” Over a soulful instrumental, Durk antagonizes his ops and competition with bars that highlight his street-certified ways, cold heart, and killer friends. What the song has to do with basketball? I don’t know (Actually, he does talk about taking shots).