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Turned Out Okay


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A song that is our chill pill, classically relaxing.

When talking about talent, it’s impossible not to mention this name. JezzBe is an up-and-coming artist whose songs demand a greater audience. While there is little information publicized about him, he is one of the few artists you don’t need to know anything about to like. His music stands alone and speaks for itself. JezzBe can rap, he can sing, and he does both at a masterful level. His Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube are showcases of his talent. On December 31st, JezzBe showed his skills again in the EP “Oxtails,” where one of the six new tracks is the hot single “Turned Out Okay.”

“Turned Out Okay” is a pleasant listen. The beat is light (A piano and a horn instrument are the main driving forces), giving us a sense of class and creating a calming experience. With the vocals, JezzBe raps as he tells you a story. It’s easy to get swept up in his words and the images he create, and trust me, there’s no chance of getting overwhelmed. Of course, when you think the song can’t get any better, JezzBe starts to sing. His rapping paired with singing makes this one of those go-to songs for when you need to relax. Check out JezzBe’s “Turned Out Okay” on all major streaming services. Give it a listen and get to say you were there back when… Trust me, you don’t want to miss his come-up.

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