broken laces


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A mellow, stylish hip-hop single that’s incredibly memorable.

Tacoma, Washington-based musical creative, JonesJrr, is a rising hip-hop artist ready to make his mark. He has a unique sound that shows off stylish flows. Some of his best drops include singles like “low again,” “idk where i should be,” and “i might not be happy.” These songs and updates on the artist are available on his Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram. JonesJrr’s hip-hop single “broken laces” was released in 2021. According to his Facebook, he “wrote, recorded, and mixed this song all in one night back in September of 2020.”

With a mellow backdrop setting the scene, “broken laces” is reminiscent of rainy days. The song gives off aidback, lofi vibes with a soft blend of instrumentals. Lyrics like “it’s funny how I hesitate, To tell somebody I’m a rapper, man I’m still afraid” and “But I’m still tryna kill it, rapping on beats everyday” reflect the artist’s struggles. Meanwhile, lines such as “I’m waiting, for the day that I can say I made it” feel authentic and relatable. The laidback beats balances out the intimate reflection, giving the single a lighter, nostalgic sense. If you are afraid of something, but striving towards it every day, this is the song for you. To share in this relatable experience, try JonesJrr’s “broken laces” on Spotify today.

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