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Alesandi Summons Summer With “Want You Back”

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Want You Back


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A tropical house single with uplifting, sun-soaked beats.

Warsaw, Poland-based musical creative, Ales Lukaszewicz, is also known as Alesandi. He is a DJ, music producer, and the founder of the Rousing Beats label. The artist began his music career in 2007 working as a radio DJ in Poland; here, he hosted house and trance-focused shows like “Lively Tunes” and “Avers & Ravers.” Currently, Alesandi produces different types of music on his own, including House, tropical house, future house, future bass, and dance music. He has collaborated with artists like Alina Renae, Jessie Wagner, Rosanna Ener, Frederik Sørensen, and Tom Frampton. As a result of his hard work, Alesandi’s Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube have thousands of streams. His latest release is the tropical house single “Want You Back” and its accompanying music video.

Immersing us in vibrant, uplifting beats, “Want You Back” gifts sweet summertime vibes with a lush, carefree soundscape. In a lighthearted sense, lyrics like “Sоmеtіmеs І sаy thаt І wаnt yоu bаck but, І dоn’t knоw іf І dо” and “Lоvе іs lіkе thе phаsеs оf thе mооn” explore a longing for an old relationship. Alesandi hints at the hope and desire to reignite this old flame in a beachy dance tune, giving us positive energy. “Want You Back” is the perfect mood boost to combat the last bit of winter blues as we head into spring. So, press play and let Alesandi’s “Want You Back” carry you off to the sun-soaked days of summer.

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