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Emei Is Frozen In “Better People to Leave on Read”

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Better People to Leave on Read


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An empowering pop single that demands accountability, unapologetically.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Emei, is an alt-pop singer and songwriter who knows how to craft attention-grabbing tunes. With a long dedication to her musical dreams, Emei came in third on Chinese Idol when she was only fifteen years old. Later, she went on to release her own songs on Chinese platforms, and even performed on Dancing with the Stars China. During the pandemic, Emei began putting her music onto American platforms. Here, she gained media attention and received positive feedback for her single “Late to the Party” (Currently, the song has over 2 million streams). Emei has set up her Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube to share in the spotlight. As a result, her latest drop is the alt-pop single “Better People to Leave on Read” and its accompanying lyric video.

With jazzy pop vibes and moody piano notes, Emei’s beats compliment her angsty yet ear-pleasing call-out. The song is directed at a toxic ex-friend. Lyrics like “Who’s your therapist? Fire your therapist” and “Your audacity, reaching out to me when the last text was a half-hearted apology” hold nothing back. The artist melodically delivers her verses with razor-sharp messages, unreservedly. With unapologetic self-awareness, “Better People to Leave on Read” is the perfect empowering listen; it reminds us not to waste our precious time with fake friends. So, stream Emei’s “Better People to Leave on Read” today and prepare for your own empowerment.

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