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Austin Herv G Sky Castle & Nehemiah Feel Rusted In “Robot”

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Austin Herv G Sky Castle & Nehemiah


Featuring dreamy lo-fi vibes, Austin Herv G Sky Castle joined forces with Nehemiah in “Robot.”

Austin Herv G Sky Castle is a hip-hop artist who is based in Mississippi. His style is a mix of lo-fi rap and beachy hip hop; with that combination of sounds, he tries to blur genre lines, creating something that is truly unique. Sky Castle’s music is available on both Apple Music and Youtube, and you can catch updates on him on Twitter.

“Robot” is a song about turmoil in a romantic relationship. Sky Castle raps about being mistreated, taken for granted, and used by his partner. Initially, the track does not sound like a romantic reflection. To start, Sky Castle relies on robotic-sounding vocals and casual beats. Then, he turns to rap to make sense of the chaos. “Robot” is not a generic love song; it’s one that is full of surprises. So, go ahead and press play on “Robot” below.


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