RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A soulful pop song that might make one search for a romantic partner.

HEIDI is a twenty-year-old singer and songwriter from the UK that is on a mission to alter what we call pop. She introduces elements of soul and R&B into all of her work and adds some angst into her pop-esque songs. HEIDI prides herself on creating sounds that stand out from the rest; however, she is also a relatable artist. Before she had thousands of fans, HEIDI walked from venue to venue trying to get booked. Now, as a result of her efforts, her music is getting played on BBC radio. Her first two singles were released independently, topping the Itunes charts eventually. “Valentine” is HEIDI’s latest single.

“Valentine” sounds like the stripped-down version of a pop song. The mixture of aspects — from soul to R&B to pop — results in a track that exists within any genre. In other words, the song gives the impression that it is being pulled in different directions, but it doesn’t fit perfectly into one (And it doesn’t need to). There is a level of soul in HEIDI’s voice that allows it to take center stage, making the listening experience intimate. Matter of fact, the beginning of the song might remind one of Amy Winehouse’s songs.  For the  many reasons I mentioned, HEIDI is an artist you must check out. So, stream “Valentine” by her today.