Lone Cub VS.


Lone Cub

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Rap verses and video game metaphors in a love song.

Lone Cub is a recording artist and songwriter with a music style ranging from pop to hip-hop. Previously, he was known as Jake Bugella, and under that name, he worked with artists like Hopsin, Brandyn Burnette, Parkwild, and Relli. Soon after, he rebranded, and now, as Lone Cub, he has released a few singles since January 2020. His debut single, “All On Me,” brags over 100 thousand streams on Spotify. Recently, Lone Cub dropped his newest single, “VS.” 

“VS.” is a rap song with heart in the gamer community and heat in the music industry. The lyrics bring up video game metaphors to talk about love. Verses like “Love is just a game/is overrated, Player 1 and Player 2/one will win, one will lose” highlight the skeptic way to think about love. Aside from the song’s roundabout way of tackling the ideals of love, it also features incredible club beats and powerful words. When you combine everything, it’s truly an impactful experience. So, hit play on Lone Cub’s “VS.” to enjoy the skepticism that usually comes in a modern love story.