Shenseea’s rise to the top starts with “ALPHA.”




5. Blessed (Ft. Tyga)

Tyga sure knows how to link up with women before they fully bloom (Aw s**t, what did I do now?).

I definitely think that “Blessed” sounds a lot more normal than “Target.” Anywho, the biggest sales about “Blessed” is that the song features a beat that practically begs you to whine your hips and order some Hookah, a hook that will get stuck in your head quickly, and a good mix of testosterone and estrogen. If played in a poppin’ club, s**t can get deadly (I mean that in a good way).

“Blessed” is the kind of song that will make randos start grinding on you. Like, don’t be surprised if Nancy Pelosi starts to back it up on you when the song comes on in the club that y’all are both in.



4. Lick

Welp, my puberty just sped up.

Face it, there are some people in this world that love sex a little more than you and I; if I were to guess, two of those people are Shenseea and Megan Thee Stallion. The two curvaceous women decided to link up for “Lick,” a track that will make you not want to stand up for a few minutes.

“Lick” saw “Wap” and told it to hold its beer. The song features an instrumental that actually sounds like the instrumental that powers “Wap.” As for the lyrics that both Shenseea and Megan Thee Stallion hit us with, they are provocative as s**t. In the song, the two girls talk about sitting on the faces of dudes, popping all kinds of genitals, and forgetting to put down toilet seats. While the former blesses us with nothing but infectious vocals, the latter sounds like the type of person that shows up in a game 7.



3. R U That

“R U That” is one of those smooth bangers that will get major burn at Ice skating rinks in Atlanta.

“R U That” is powered by this smooth-ass beat that boasts these colorful vibes that make me want to take a seven-day vacation in Cabo. Over it, Sheenseea and 21 Savage go back on forth on some ‘are you compatible for me’ type s**t. The song’s biggest draws (Pause) are that it is catchy from start to finish and features these melodic raps that just hit the mark when it comes to infectiousness. Overall, I think “R U That” is a certified hit.



2. Bouncy (Ft. Offset)

“Bouncy” is the kind of track that would shine if it was played at a Halloween party.

I can see two freaks dirty dancing to “Bouncy” in the corner of a club. The song features this dark-ass beat that has a helluva tempo attached to it, sly flows, provocative lyrics, and a very intoxicating chorus. While I think that Offset puts up an outstanding verse, don’t sleep on Shenseea’s ability to bounce between a slickster and sensual individual.



1. Can’t Anymore

“Can’t Anymore” is a very special track.

I can’t believe that London On Da Track made the beat that powers “Can’t Anymore.” That s**t sounds like some authentic afro-jazz s**t. Shenseea does the beat justice by blessing us with a hypnotizing vocal performance and lyrics that would make you want to spit your best game at every single dime that walks into the club. All in all, “Can’t Anymore” is one of the tracks that will convince you that Shenseea really is the truth.


1. Target (4/5)

2. Can’t Anymore (5/5)

3. Deserve It (2/5)

4. R U That (4/5)

5. Lick (3/5)

6. Bouncy (5/5)

7. Henkel Glue (3/5)

8. Lying If I Call It Love (3/5)

9. Hangover (3/5)

10. Body Count (4/5)

11. Egocentric (4/5)

12. Shen Ex Anthem (3/5)

13. Sun Come Up (4/5)

14. Blessed (4/5)




I am officially convinced that Shenseea is hella talented. Now, I think it’s imperative for her to cater to the sounds that work for her. In ALPHA, I heard a few.

Do you know who Shenseea reminds me of? A way more disciplined Sean Kingston (I love Sean Kingston, so I mean absolutely no shade by that comment). Just like Sean, Shenseea knows how to switch between a reggae singer and a hip-hop singer effortlessly, and also knows how to rap when she absolutely has to. Throughout ALPHA, she puts up daring vocal performances, puts on her club hat, goes toe to toe with reggae legends, and even gets a little nasty. While I think that she sounds like a natural on every single song, I thought that she was at her best when she dabbled in some club music. All in all, I think ALPHA is a debut project that is enjoyable, versatile, and hella impressive.

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