Denzel Curry turns a corner in “Melt My Eyez See Your Future.”




Honorable Mention. Sanjuro

Jesus, Denzel Curry goes the f**k off in this song! 

If Denzel Curry ever decides to drop a mixtape in which he simply chooses to go ape s**t for like ten straight songs, I would want him to sound exactly how he sounds in “Sanjuro.” The flows and aggression that he toys with in the song are next-level good. As for featured guest 454, he does a good job of showing us what a song with Denzel and 42 Dugg would sound like.



5. John Wayne

Denzel Curry justifies why he carries a Nina on his hip in “John Wayne.”

“Saltines killing joggers” is the line that really stood out to me from this song.  Essentially, Denzel Curry claims when you are living in a world in which stupid, racist, and reckless muthaf**kas with guns are shooting people, why not play offense? What I find very unique about the song is that it forces a hazy beat and soothing hook to play nice with hard-ass raps.



4. Melt Session #1

You get a chance to hear how much Denzel has grown as a person in “Melt Session #1.”

Opening up this album with “Melt Session #1” is brilliant. In the song, Denzel Curry gets a chance to rap about his daily issues, his past suicidal thoughts, his infatuation with self-improvement, and his current state of mind. Personally, what I enjoy about this song is that has a sound that almost forces you to calm your nerves and relax your mind; that’s great because you’re going to need a fresh mind to fully digest everything you hear after this track.

3. X-Wing

A few years back, Denzel Curry said that he was more than capable of making a banger; after hearing “X-Wing,” I can confidently say that this n***a isn’t lying!

“X-Wing” has everything that you would want from a modern-day hip-hop banger: NAV-like melodies, raps about diamonds, and a debonair beat that is more than capable of disrupting s**t. Here’s the kicker: The song also features rap verses by Denzel that boasts outstanding flows and real-ass lyrics (I felt his line about Mac not making it past 26). Maybe (Just maybe) Denzel does have a future in the commercial hip-hop realm.



2. Walkin

Denzel Curry goes Super Saiyan in this track.

“Walkin” is hip-hop gold. The first portion of the track features a hard-hitting rap beat that screams out boom-bap, to me. The second portion of the track features a beat that is a slightly edgier and more modern version of the first portion’s beat. Over both beats, Denzel hits us with flows that I’ve heard the greats use, clever punchlines, and lyrics that do a great job of promoting the 26-year-old rapper as the best thing since sliced bread.



1. Ain’t No Way

“Ain’t No Way” is an underdog anthem that features some of the most slept-on rappers on this planet.

In “Ain’t No Way,” Rico Nasty, J.I.D., Denzel Curry, Jasiah, and 6LACK hit us with rowdy, intricate, soulful, and tough-ass bars that highlight their resilience and unflappable ways. Aside from the hard-hitting/soul-clenching beat, I think the poise/determination that everyone spits with is noteworthy.


1. Melt Session #1 (5/5)

2. Walkin (5/5)

3. Worst Comes To Worst (4/5)

4. John Wayne (4/5)

5. The Last (4/5)

6. Mental (4/5)

7. Troubles (4/5)

8. Ain’t No Way (5/5)

9. X-Wing (5/5)

10. Angelz (4/5)

11. The Smell Of Death (3/5)

12. Sanjuro (5/5)

13. Zatoichi (4/5)

14. The Ills (4/5)




Below is how Denzel Curry described this album to the world earlier this month:

“Melt My Eyez” is a metaphor for things we choose not to see on a daily basis: we avoid people, we avoid the news, we avoid criticism, but most importantly, we avoid facing the truth ourselves when it’s right in front of us, Curry told Loud and Quiet. “‘See Your Future’ comes from self-reflection and the realization that I’m going to do something to better the world by letting them know that we are all the same and we can move forward in life if we don’t focus on the past.”

That’s some deep words, right? Most times, when rappers do a deep dive about the meaning of their albums, they don’t quite stay true to their words in the music. Curry stays true to his words on Melt My Eyez See Your Future.

The musicality on Melt My Eyez See Your Future is just as good as the words that pour out of Denzel Curry’s mouth. Throughout the album, he spits bars over remixed elevator music, therapeutic hip-hop beats, and whatever the hell you would call the “Zatoichi” beat. What the variety of beats forces Denzel to do is bring out every single side of his artistry. While scouring through the album, you will hear the Florida rapper bless us with everything from fast-ass flows to laidback deliveries. While I was somewhat surprised that he didn’t hit us with many punchlines, I think I prefer hearing him spit bars in the rawest way possible, given the topics he covered.

Speaking of the content on this album, it is remarkable. In Melt My Eyez See Your Future, Curry does a stupendous job of talking about the demons, the oppression, the dark thoughts, and the motivational thoughts that float through the minds of not only people like him but a lot of black men in America. The reason I think that he packaged his content brilliantly on this album is that it comes out in everything from frustrated to competitive to almost Anime-ish ways. In other words, Curry shows why, when you are presented with problems, sometimes the best method is to fight them using the skills that you have within; Curry has a lot of skills.

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