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Listen To “The Ominous 1” By Ominous The Spirit

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The Ominous 1 (Album)

Ominous The Spirit

Ominous The Spirit offers his debut album, “The Ominous 1.”

Ominous The Spirit is a Connecticut-based musician with a truly unique sound. While he almost has a poetic style, he does like to indulge in all kinds of genres: hip-hop, rap, EDM, house, electronic, and more. Aside from music, he also likes to paint and creates photography (he’s certainly a multi-talented artist). This rising talent’s latest project is The Ominous 1, a fourteen-track project.

The Ominous 1 is a very therapeutic body of work. In it, Ominous The Spirit soothes our ears with smooth deliveries and serenades us with intimate, vivid, authentic, and picturesque lyrics. Additionally, I love the production he relies on: It knocks just enough to make you nod your head but also boasts a noteworthy level of soreness. All in all, The Ominous 1 is a package of songs that is really calming to listen to.

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