Psychic Institute

The Drood

A dark and otherworldly psychedelic musical experience.

Denver, Colorado-based electronic duo, The Drood, is an out-of-this-world twosome. They consist of Nathan Jamiel (vocals, electric guitar, and keyboards) and Daniel Watts (drums and keys). According to the artists, the pair have been playing together since 2007. Top40-Charts noted that the duo officially formed in 2012 and later released their first full-length LP in 2016. Known for embracing “gloomy atmospheres,” the band’s music offers an incredible sense of “unearthliness and intensity.” They previously released “It Must Need Wither,” a piece inspired by Othello. Truly, it is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Their music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and their own website. The Drood’s latest drop is the electronic single, “Psychic Institute.” The song also has an accompanying official video.

“Psychic Institute” has kept the duo’s psychedelic tones by offering a curious mixture of stylish beeps and ear-pleasing guitar-play. Lyrics like “Sentimental schlock that meant so much to you resonates of hollowness inside” and “Forcing saccharin optimistic platitudes while you lie and writhe” repeat its messages with a dark sense. Additionally, they add to the overall dystopian feel, which is only furthered by the visuals. The Drood keeps their Pink Floyd-like sound, but this time, combined it with rock and punk to create an unique track. “Psychic Institute” is a stunning post-punk experimentation, and it scares listeners in the best possible sense. So, stream The Drood’s “Psychic Institute” today for that unique sound.