Lou Emery

A dance-pop banger with elements from older styles.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Lou Emery, is a pop-rock singer and songwriter. Her unique style combines energetic beats with modern pop elements for a stylish, meaningful storytelling experience. Offering a diverse range of influences, each one of Lou Emery’s songs showcases her imaginative pop-rock style. Her sound is comparable to artists such as Harry Styles and Sammy Rae; at the same time, her vocals take influence from singers like Ariana Grande. Lou Emery’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Her latest drop is the pop single “Instinctual.”

“Instinctual” sets the perfect playful tone for its sexy cat and mouse style chase. Lyrics like “I’ll regret you in the morning, this I know. So catch it while you can” and “If I lean in, won’t you give a taste of what you’re teasing?” are powerfully delivered as Lou Emery delightfully explores the thrill of flirtation. The message itself is clear: it’s fun to flirt, but only if you do it right. Overall, this is a dance-pop track that sounds like it’s from the 80s. With its ultra-catchy hook and slick, sensual style, “Instinctual” flawlessly captures energetic club vibes. So, press play to dance the night away with Lou Emery’s “Instinctual.”