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Listen To “Summer Days” By Agaapi

Summer Days (EP)


Agaapi looks to brighten up the best season of the year with “Summer Days.”

Agaapi is a Cleveland-based dance music producer rapidly building an impressive music catalog. In the past two years, he has had his foot on the gas when it comes to releasing songs and projects. In a matter of weeks, Agaapi looks to drop Summer Days, a brand new EP that is expected to feature some very vibrant music.

Summer Days will feature four tracks: “Oceanside,” which is inspired by beach vibes, “Feel It,” which is inspired by the ideals of happiness, “Speed,” which is a “speedrunner” kind of vibe; and “Take Care,” which is all about relaxing vibes. The combination of the songs will make for a truly comprehensive experience.

Stay tuned for the release of Summer Days on July 1st.




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