They Frontin’

Yii Money

The music video for “They Frontin’” was produced by Dir. Baby. To me, it completes the song’s experience.

Yii Money is a rapper from Connecticut with a boisterous spirit. What I think music fans will love about him is that he makes music with very catchy hooks and appealing raps. Yii Money’s most recent release is “They Frontin’,” a track with a nice bop and very infectious energy.

“They Frontin’” is a track that pays homage to the real and highlights the merriment that comes from wins. I like that the song gets most of its power from the colorful trap beat and Yii’s unique flows + colorful melodies. Overall, “They Frontin’” is a fun track that will remind you to count on yourself and the people who have proven that they can be loyal to you.

Give “They Frontin’” a shot below.





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