Lucid Dreams

Alexia Trif

A pop gem with ethereal psychedelic elements.

London-based musician, Alexia Trif, is a singer, songwriter, and record producer who grew up in Romania. Trif’s love for music initially started at a young age, thanks to listening to Romanian folklore; this is something she considers to be an inspiration to this day. While she doesn’t limit her work when it comes to genres, her go-to styles are teen pop and R&B; these express her personality in the most authentic sense. These styles, and all others, are available on her Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Alexia Trif’s latest drop is the pop single “Lucid Dreams.” The song also has an accompanying official video.

“Lucid Dreams” sounds exactly like you’re dreaming. It’s full of lush layers and fantastical senses with ambient tones. It’s a psychedelic-inspired hit that allows everything to be possible. Lyrics like “When you wake up everything will be, It will be alright” and “Every night without you all I dream about is you, Stuck in my head, Stuck in my thoughts” explore a longing desire to be with that special someone. Really, it’s someone who she simply can’t forget. We are all familiar with that person. As the stunning pop plays, the ethereal elements with detuned bells back them up, making them dreamlike. Trif has given us a single that sounds out of this world. So, press play and take a break from reality with Alexia Trif’s “Lucid Dreams.”






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