Akuvi Just Want To Know “What We Are”

What We Are


A slow-burning pop song with a psychedelic feel.

Akuvi is a singer/songwriter with roots in both Ghana and Norway. Coming from a musical family, artistic expression has always been a part of her life. Akuvi, who is a student counselor by day and an independent artist by night, makes music that is meant to “mirror the experience of being a young hopeless romantic trapped in a Tinder-dominated world.” After releasing her first album back in 2019 (Unfinished Business), she has been dropping singles ever since. All of her work is available on Spotify, Youtube, and Amazon Music. Akuvi’s latest hit is the hypnotizing pop song, “What We Are.”

This honest and speaks-her-truth piece does not stray from its purpose. Its slow, enchanting melody highlights Akuri’s intense vocals. Her singing also reflects her emotions on the surface. Overall, “What We Are” is a song that sets you in a deep and reflective mode. In the lyrics, Akuvi is clear and sets boundaries. Clearly, she’s not up to getting hurt again. With lyrics like “But I’d be damned if you’re the next to hurt me; I’d rather let it go,” she is clear about what she wants. However, even though her words can be interpreted as sad, it’s always good to know what you want. The message is something that many younger folks need to hear at this time. So, stream Akuvi’s “What We Are” today to remind yourself that it’s okay to want something that’s good for you.

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