Amartya Paul

Amartya Paul’s future is brighter than a shooting star.

Amartya Paul is an 11-year-old composer that will blow you away. Though he is classically trained, he is not limited to a single genre. Aside from composing, Amartya also plays the piano and violin.

Amartya was taught by Kia Portafekas (She has truly helped mold a prodigy) and has had his songs be orchestrated by talented musicians such as Marc Riley, Deborah Offenhauser, and Bill Kilpatrick. I want to reiterate something really quick: He is only 11-year-old! Amatrya’s resume (aka discography) is available on Spotify and his website. Amartya’s latest release is the captivating “Stars.”

“Stars” is a delicate piece that boasts amazing vocals by Viktoria Sunshine and moving orchestration by Bill Kilpatrick. From the moment that you press play on the song, you will be engulfed in its soul-clenching vibes and touching piano notes. “Stars” is a vocal version of “The Stars” from Amartya’s The Sky, The Stars, and The Earth” composition. The song is about reaching for the stars, elevating to new heights, and recollecting dreams from the past.

Please listen to Amartya Paul’s stunning “Stars” track below.





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