Kid Travis Strikes Again With “Sunset Avenue”

Kid Travis

Sunset Avenue

A groovy track with elements of pop and killer pick-up lines.

Kid Travis is back with another hit! His music has been featured on our blog several times before, and for good reason. In the past, we’ve reviewed some of Travis’ other hits, including “Where You’re From,” “7Teen,” and “Galaxy.” His full discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Kid Travis’s recent release is “Sunset Avenue,” a song that is gaining traction.

“Sunset Avenue” is an upbeat, groovy song with elements of funk and R&B. Travis, for his part, plays a smooth criminal in the song (He does not hesitate to whip out some of his best pick-up lines). It’s safe to say that if you played any person this song, they might briefly fall in love with you. The chorus is by far one of my favorite parts. Kid Travis sings, “can I vibe with you on Sunset Avenue?” Not only do the words sound good together, but they are sung over an infectious guitar-drum combination. So, stream Kid Travis’s “Sunset Avenue” to walk down it with your lover today.

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