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Kid Travis Asks Why You “Take From Me” 

Take From Me

Kid Travis

A song that makes heartbreak sound good.

Kid Travis is a rising R&B artist from Bristol, Pennsylvania who has a fresh indie sound. In 2015, Travis dropped his debut single “When I Grow Up.” From there, he hasn’t stopped releasing more songs, including cover songs such as “God’s Plan,” which gained him a huge fanbase that he calls “Groovie Gang.” We’ve reviewed many of Travis’ works, including “Sunset Avenue” and “Calling Back.” All of his music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Recently, Travis dropped his latest single, “Take From Me.” 

“Take From Me” is another entry in Travis’ diary full of soul-clenching tracks. Here, he reminisces about his ex; they fell in love hard, then fell out even harder. Travis unravels the layers of his emotions and reveals that he drinks to cope with losing her. But, the heartbreak caused by her fuels his hatred for her as he pushes her away and tries to move on. “Take From Me” surprised me by being such a catchy song that fuses the hyper energy of pop and the steady, funky vibes of R&B. Kid Travis perfectly captures the bitterness of heartbreak and the nostalgia of early 2000-2010s R&B, especially early Chris Brown. So, stream “Take From Me” to dance your heartbreak away.

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