Never Broke Again Presents: Green Flag Activity (Project)

NBA YoungBoy gathers his troops for this 16-track project.

Is NBA YoungBoy big enough to sell a compilation album with his relatively unknown homies to the world? Yes, he is. Think about it: His streaming numbers are off the roof and he has about one million imposter Twitter accounts that would listen to anything that he drops. Today, YoungBoy decided to release Never Broke Again Presents: Green Flag Activity, a sixteen-track project that features a bunch of individuals that cops think are a part of YSL.


I already know what you’re going to do: You’re only going to click on the songs that say ‘featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again.’ Not so fast! I think this project features outstanding guest appearances by Quando Rondo, P Yungin, Rojay MLP, and more. You can literally hear YoungBoy’s influence sprinkled throughout this project, which makes it a must-listen for anyone that claims to be a fan of his.

NBA YoungBoy’s music videos are getting more views than the NBA finals… Adam Silver may have to change the NBA logo from Jerry West to YoungBoy.

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