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John Legend & Muni Long Unite For “Honey”

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John Legend (Ft. Muni Long)

Wow, R&B heads are getting fed today.

Remember how Usher used to always make his comeback with a song that had him sounding like a PG playa? It seems like John Legend likes to collaborate with poppin’ artists when he makes his comebacks. Today, he decided to release a new collaboration single with the emerging artist Muni Long.


If you ask John Legend and Muni Long, honey (Not money) is what makes the world go ’round. Throughout “Honey,” the two singers hit us with sly lyrics that will make you want to rob Winnie The Pooh at gunpoint. As expected, Muni and John’s vocals are stupendous, effervescent, sexy, and effective.

“Honey” is one of those joints that randomly play when you have it on the generic R&B channel on Pandora.

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