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Jai Musiq Is “H.I.M.”



Jai Musiq

An alternative hip-hop track with pop elements and a take on self-affirmations.

Memphis, TN-based musical creative, Jai Musiq, is an emerging artist. Musiq has been bringing his southern charm to his songs since his debut back in 2015. His distinctive style fuses gospel, R&B, hip-hop, and blues for an infectious listening experience. Jai’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. The alternative hip-hop song, “H.I.M.,” is the title track on his latest album. The song also has an accompanying documentary.

Sound fusion aside, this smooth song has so much to offer. “H.I.M.” is meant to be an uplifting piece that looks back on the success of failure. Lyrics like “Spent so much time stressing, couldn’t see my blessings” and “Through all the failures that I faced, I learned the biggest lessons/then applied ’em to my life so I could keep progressing” help the artist examine his journey of self-improvement. This isn’t quite a dance song, but it feels more like a slow dance piece with its upbeat tone. “H.I.M.” provides us with plenty of motivation, inspirational lines, and reminders to never give up on ourselves. So, press play on Jai Musiq’s “H.I.M.” and learn how to never stop reaching for greatness.

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