MRK SX Is Feeling "Zen"



A calming rap and R&B piece for a relaxing night.

MRK SX is a rapper from Detroit who now resides in Atlanta. In addition to being a well-versed musician, he was also in the Air Force and received a bachelor’s degree in audio production. MRK SX prides himself on his clever wordplay and harmonic, melodic hooks. His music style is versatile enough to satisfy both underground hip-hop lovers and mainstream rap fanatics. In addition, he dips into other genres to continue to explore and reach new listeners. Clearly, MRK SX has something for everyone. His discography, which is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music, reflects this variety. MRK SX’s “Zen” is the latest in a long line of new releases. The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Zen” features some of MRK SX’s friends and frequent collaborators: Elzhi, Aryee, and NRMLZ GRWTH. As the name suggests, the song is peaceful, with a flute in the background, to help promote the soothing atmosphere. However, despite the multiple artists singing throughout the song, it doesn’t feel crowded. Each person has a distinct role and contributes to the common goal of making a hit. Although the song is relaxing, it ticks many other boxes: It contains rapping, singing, composition, and harmonies that love to highlight everything else. It produces the amazing sensations of zen thinking through music. Throughout the entire piece, MRK SX proves that he’s a solid rapper and demonstrates his expertise. So, stream MRK SX’s “Zen” today to get that feeling of relaxation for yourself.