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The Game & Hit-Boy Are Ferocious In “Violence”



The Game & Hit-Boy

Put the EDM s**t down for like four minutes…

I’m not going to lie, I am anticipating The Game’s new Drillmatic album like I’m anticipating Kyrie Irving to be traded by the Brooklyn Nets. In my humble opinion, he has too many classic projects on his resume to not have his s**t be anticipated. After releasing the extremely tough “Eazy” with Kanye West a few months ago, The Game is back with the even tougher “Violence” with Hit-Boy.

“Violence” has the following things: An extremely dramatic Hit-Boy beat, feverish rap deliveries, a lot of f**king name drops, some sneak disses, and a hook that Jeezy lovers will f**k with. At the end of the day, I find the song to be very refreshing (I miss hearing a dude spit bars without a care about what people think).

OK, back to the EDM s**t.

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