last night i had a dream about you


A pop gem with heart and warmth.

Toronto, Canada-based musical creative, BRDGS, is also known as Jon Pike. BRDGS is a singer, songwriter, and producer who enjoys writing pop with a twist. The ideas comes from his inspirations, which ranges widely across many artists, and his work as a producer. Some of the artist’s previous work includes well-received tracks like “Dancing Without Music” and “San Diego.” These, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. BRDGS’s latest drop is the pop single “last night i had a dream about you.”

“last night i had a dream about you” sounds like an interesting conversation starter, but it’s meant to be warm and sweet. It talks about love at its finest, discussing the girl that Pike can’t get out of his head. Lyrics like “I met her in the fall and I fell so fast/ The way she made me feel I was hooked” and “Cause I’ve been here before like a million times/ Yeah the sun’s going down and she’s back on my mind” wistfully reminisce on the girl of his dreams. It’s romantic and lighthearted, meant to inspire love at any point in life for any romantic. So, stream BRDGS’s “last night i had a dream about you” to meet the romantic side of yourself.

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