Imen Siar Glows “Glitter and Gold”

Glitter and Gold

Imen Siar

An uplifting pop gem that reminds you to shine.

London-based musical creative, Imen Siar, is an emerging 23-year-old singer and songwriter with her life in hand. “My future is already written,” the Italy born Moroccan descent has stated, affirming her belief that she is fated to transform the world. Siar isn’t wrong either; her unique sound offers emotion-ridden vocals with a wide range, spanning from captivating sultry tones to R&B-infused timbers. Taking inspiration from artists like Lewis Capaldi, Alessia Cara, Faouzia, and Jessie J, she crafts music that appeals to a wide range of listeners. Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Imen Siar’s latest release is the pop EP Glitter and Gold, with a track matching the name. The song also has an accompanying music video.

Pop and strength embody Siar’s voice, and we can call her as powerful as Lizzo. “Glitter and Gold” is infectious, and it keeps the focus on Imen Siar’s stunning delivery. Lyrics like “I’m a diamond in the dark watch me shine on/ Turning it all/ To glitter and gold” and “Got nothing to loose/ So imma be brave/ Im leaving my fear/ For the unknown” offer plenty of motivational bliss. At the same time, as the artist joyfully stands strong in the face of negativity, teaching us to do the same. She gives us euphoria while reminding us of our own strength. She boasts a beautiful message of self-confidence and claims that we can all glow. So, stream Imen Siar’s “Glitter and Gold” today to learn how strong you truly are.

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