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What’s the Difference

Kid Riz

An R&B/hip-hop tune that explores unhealthy relationships.

Miami, Florida-based artist, Kid Riz, is a singer-songwriter, originally from Montreal, who grew up within a musical family. By the age of 14, Riz found profound influence in artists like Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Drake. Now, he works with Grammy award-winning producers and songwriters to gain exposure in the industry and further his music dreams. In his work, Riz enjoys combining various genres to create tunes that are fun and infectious. The goal? To create something that “sounds a little different from the norm.” We’ve already reviewed many of Riz’s hits, from “Bacardi” to others on his new album, Paradisus. All of this music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Kid Riz’s latest EP features the fusion track, “What’s the Difference.”

“What’s The Difference” reflects on the past while focusing on how it affects the future. Lyrics like “Baby, when I met you, all my time was not enough” and “What’s the problem? What’s the issue? You promised that we’d stay in touch” melodically explore the negatives of a problematic relationship. Between a catchy blend of beats and an emotionally charged reflection, “What’s The Difference” comes across as both relatable and juicy. So, stream Kid Riz’s “What’s The Difference” to learn what your future might look like based on your past.

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