Stand Next To Me

M.D. Chau

An inspirational pop gem with truth written in.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, M.D. Chau, was formally known as Minh. Chau is a recording artist, podcaster, director, producer, and entrepreneur. He has previously released plenty of music under his former moniker, including five independent albums since 2006. Eventually, Chau was signed to the same management team as Erykah Badu, where he gained even more opportunities in the industry. His discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. According to the artist, his new tune “is about uniting around one common desire – to see our family do well in a world full of hate and division.” M.D. Chau’s recent pop single, “Stand Next to Me,” is his first release after taking a brief hiatus.

Soft piano notes build us up to a political and emotional reflection which will leave listeners shellshocked. “Stand Next To Me” is inspirational, easily an anthem in difficult times. Lyrics like “All of us feel the same when we see our mothers crying” and “Cry the same tears/Bleed the same blood while we’re fighting/Breath the same air/Tell me why we’re still divided” are introspective. Chau reflects on what makes us the same and questions exactly what it is that pushes us apart. This song has a powerful message of unity along with plenty of ear-pleasing elements. So, stream M.D. Chau’s “Stand Next to Me” today to learn exactly how we need to start getting along.