Main Theme

WOW Sound

An enchanting instrumental tune with magic in the sounds.

WOW Sound is a group of composers with a deep passion for video game and anime soundtracks. It initially found in 2015 by a pair of twins from Singapore, and the group’s goal has always been to create the best. At the same time, they want to inspire other artists to do the same. They are continuously pushing to deliver high-quality work that’s inexpensive and royalty-free to listeners. As a result, WOW Sound chooses the audio designers that work for them, with plenty of care to ensure that the group continues to meet its own high standards. Their discography is available on Spotify and their own website. One of WOW Sound’s newest creations is the “Main Theme” track, which is featured on their Tree of Life Music Pack.

Mystical doesn’t begin to cover this. The entire song is filled with magical senses and otherworldy influences. “Main Theme” is an instantly immersive experience that feels reminiscent of a fantasy quest, or perhaps an emotional fairytale. As an entirely instrumental song, the tune’s ever-changing and expressive tones take us on a wordless journey. To me, it feels just as enchanting as any lyrical offering. The bright sense of beauty brings us back to childhood, maintaining a classic Disney-esque feel. No doubt this will instantly transport you back in time and leave you in a delightful wonder. So, stream WOW Sound’s “Main Theme” today for that incredible fairytale background to your own story.

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