Obscurley - silverline



Indie rock song with heavy Reggae and Afro-Caribbean beats.

Obscurley is a Pacific-Northwest-based duo with an indie-rock style that mixes reggae, Afro-Caribbean calypso, soul, and hip-hop. It sounds like a lot, but it really is an interesting and unique fusion of sounds. Their goal is to write songs that take listeners on a journey of moods. The duo is formed by African-born singer, Clint Warren, and Michigan rapper, Sultry Samurai. Before Obscurley, both of them were a part of the Miami-based Stellar Icaria. The duo released their debut EP, “Lost Circus,” in 2021 with 12 songs. The EP, and the rest of their music, are available on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music. Obscurley’s ninth song in this album is the most-listened-to “Silverline.”

“Silverline” has almost 30k listeners for a good reason. The song mixes upbeat, danceable drums with more husky-sultry vocals. Within the song, it’s easy to notice the reggae, Afro-Caribbean, and indie rock influences. As for lyrically, the song is meant to be an uplifting song. They claim, “Believe tomorrow’s always shining / and you’ll find that cloud with a silver lining / just waiting to break through.” Clearly, the duo remembers what matters and is happy to share it with you. For those who need to hear that happiness, this is the hit for you. So, stream Obscurley’s “Silverline” to find the silver lining in everything today.

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