Get Over

Max Ayeza

A powerful breakup ballad made of soul and pop.

Musician, Max Ayeza, is an emerging singer and songwriter originally from Manila in the Philippines. During a recent interview, Ayeza chatted about her musical journey and her most recent release. During her childhood, she was exposed to music through her church’s choir; later, Ayeza joined a music group that introduced her to her producer, Aaron. Her influences include Madonna and Cindy Lauper, as well as 90s alternative bands and modern pop artists like Olivia Rodrigo. Her discography is available on Spotify and YouTube. According to Max Ayeza, her latest single, “Get Over,” is a “song about ending a toxic relationship.” The new pop tune also features an accompanying music video and an additional lyric video.

Who remembers the original Miley Cyrus from the early 2000s? Somehow, these boom-clap beats with pop influences remind this editor of her early work. “Get Over” is just soulful enough to make the best of the few minutes we have with it. Lyrics like “As I follow on the trail, small beginnings, there isn’t a quiet place” and “All I’m feelin’ now is shame, and now I’m gone; will you remember those precious times that were all over?” reflect on ending a large problem. These soft, yet powerful lyrics remind us to keep hoping even at the worst points so that we can fix our problems too. At the same time, they make us remember our worth in any relationship. If anyone’s a fan of Cyrus’s “The Climb,” this might be your next favorite. So, stream Max Ayeza’s “Get Over” to get over those problematic breakups.

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