Darius James Pours His Heart “Empty”

An easy-to-consume pop/R&B song.

Darius james empty


Noah Fm (Ft. Koyal)

An easy-to-consume pop/R&B song.

22-year-old Darius James is a pop/R&B singer/songwriter who was born and raised in South Carolina. Besides a hiatus to play basketball in high school, James’s life was always close to music. His father played multiple instruments in church, and with that, he grew up learning all about them. At 2 years old, he got his first drum set. Many people got to know James through the popular remixes he posted on Instagram. Since 2018, he has been publishing his own music; so far, James has almost 20k monthly listeners. His latest release is the album LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, which contains 8 new songs. This, and all of his other work, is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Darius James’s newest single, “EMPTY,” comes from his new album.

“EMPTY” talks about its title feeling, focusing on more personal and dark topics. Verses like “Now I’m 22 and I hate closing my eyes / I hate where my brain goes” hit deep about fighting one’s own fears. It’s a sad, melancholic song that centers around James fighting his own demons. However, he can clearly relate to his audience with the topics. The song’s melody is a slow and smooth pop/R&B mix that highlights the somber-sorrow tone we all need every now and then. So, stream Darius James’s “EMPTY” to understand how it feels to really be empty.

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